Hotel Al Cervo

The hotel for your Dolomites Experience


It is with experience in holidaying, and the mountains as our identity, that those of us who love both the ancient and modern features of these place welcome you to live your Dolomites Experience.


With the hotel as a haven, the calm between our rooms and the SPA, intimate and welcoming, the pleasure carried by the scents of our cuisine and our restaurant Radici, the desire to explore, discover, play sports and live your personal holiday with intensity.


All in the center of Val di Fiemme, in Tesero, surrounded by our renowned woodlands and overlooking the majestic peaks that are the beating  hearts of our mountains in winter and summer.


We are always there to meet all your needs, and our schedules are customized to your desires: your days at Al Cervo will meet your expectations, together with what we prepare for you.



Radici: our restaurant


You do not really know a place unless you have tasted of it, smelled it, and experienced it with your senses.


The Val di Fiemme is rich in woodlands, the produce of a land that has always been loved and cultivated, with its animals living a free and privileged life.


Since 2016 we have been transferring all this to our Radici restaurant, led by chef Guglielmo Romani: he has only been there for a few months, and already has the satisfaction of being listed as one of the best restaurants in Italy in the Guida gastronomica de L’Espresso.


A Radici dinner is a Gourmet Experience that begins with the typical atmosphere of the restaurant and continues with our pleasurable dishes, elaborated with the expert creativity of our chef, and which are all the result of our products gotten from 0Km away.


What we offer


We would like to offer you everything you need for a holiday that meets your standards, your passions, what you think of the mountains, at your own pace: slow, solitary or intense and sporty.


We like to dedicate to each of you a series of initiatives put together in our Dolomites holiday Experience packages: we will guide you through the exploration of the Val di Fiemme, suggest you the most suitable activities, sports or cultural, while we take care of your holiday style.


Small families, couples looking for romantic getaways, solitary travelers and dog lovers, sports enthusiasts or those looking for intimate relaxation: your uniqueness inspires us to do our job as the best hoteliers and tourist consultants.


Val di Fiemme: a natural gym for the mind and body



Deep breathing, wide gaze, regeneration of mind and body. A holiday in Val di Fiemme is all together a powerful and exciting experience.


The beauty of our land is so magnetic that even if satisfied with the pampering of our Hotel, you will be unable to resist it and will want to experience it all.


Our weekly programme awaits you: cycling, hiking, leisurely walks in nature parks and winter sports.  Our initiatives are personalized to continue your Dolomites Experience.

Dolomites Experience